Chronic Kidney Disease forms part of the clinical domains area of QOF.


There is only 1 QOF indicator:


CKD005 – includes patients aged 18 years or over, with a CKD diagnosis of G3a – G5 (previously stage 3 – 5).


Patients are removed from the register if their latest CKD code is a resolved code, or the diagnosis has been superseded by a CKD 1-2 diagnosis.







CKD005. The contractor establishes and maintains a register of patients aged 18 years or over with CKD with classification of categories G3a to G5 (previously stage 3 to 5)



Ardens EMIS Resources to support CKD for QOF

Clinical Templates

The following templates are available to support staff recording QOF activity for CKD patients.


  • Chronic Disease Templates - the Ardens CKD template contains a QOF only page for capturing all the QOF requirements for the current financial year.
  • Multi-Morbidity Templates – for patients with multiple long-term conditions and to capture all QOF requirements for all conditions relevant to the specific patient.



The following searches are available to support staff with achieving your QOF CKD indicator.


  • Case Finders Searches - contains a suite of searches to identify potential CKD patients missing from your practice QOF register.
  • QOF Monitor Dashboard – works with Ardens Manager QOF dashboard to allow a visual of QOF performance in monetary and points values.


QOF Alerts

Real-time alerts are available by default to alert practice staff of data quality issues which are affecting the CKD QOF achievement.  In the pink QOF alert box, a ‘possible CKD’ alert will display for you to consider a CKD diagnosis if a patients latest eGFR is less than 60.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: