Cancer forms part of the clinical domains area of QOF.


There are 3 Cancer QOF indicators:


CAN001 – includes patients with a first or new Cancer diagnosis, diagnosed on or after 1st April 2003.


CAN004 – includes patients on the cancer register (diagnosed in the last 24 months), who have received a cancer care review within 12 months of diagnosis.


CAN005 – includes patients on the cancer register, diagnosed within the last 12 months, who have received a discussion of the support available within 3 months of diagnosis (93 days).

Although this indicator states ‘diagnosed within the preceding 12 months’, the business rules will be looking back 15 months. This is to count for patients diagnosed in the last 3 months, who were otherwise automatically excluded in the last fiscal year, but now fit the timeframe for this fiscal year.

Please note - decline and unsuitable codes still need to be added each year if relevant for the patient.


Please note – for all cancer indicators, patients will be removed from the denominator population if they meet and have been appropriately coded with the following:

  • not responded to 2 invitation codes (invitation codes must be 7 days apart).
  • they have been newly diagnosed with cancer in the last 3 months of the fiscal year.
  • they have been newly registered at the practice in the last 3 months of the fiscal year.
  • they have a cancer quality informed dissent code recorded this fiscal year.
  • they have a cancer quality unsuitable code recorded this fiscal year.






CAN001. The contractor establishes and maintains a register of all cancer patients defined as a ‘register of patients with a diagnosis of cancer excluding non-melanotic skin cancers diagnosed on or after 1 April 2003’



CAN004. The percentage of patients with cancer, diagnosed within the preceding 24 months, who have a patient Cancer Care Review using a structured template recorded as occurring within 12 months of the date of diagnosis


50 – 90%

CAN005. The percentage of patients with cancer, diagnosed within the preceding 12 months, who have had the opportunity for a discussion and informed of the support available from primary care, within 3 months of diagnosis


70 – 90%

Ardens EMIS Resources to support Cancer for QOF

Clinical Templates

The following templates are available to support staff with recording QOF activity for cancer patients.


  • Chronic Disease Templates - the Ardens Cancer template contains a QOF only page for capturing all the QOF requirements for the current financial year.
  • Multi-Morbidity Templates – for patients with multiple long-term conditions and to capture all QOF requirements for all conditions relevant to the specific patient.



The following searches are available to support staff with achieving your QOF cancer indicators.


  • QOF Misc Searches - includes searches to identify patients that have not had the full elements of their annual review.
  • Case Finders Searches - contains a suite of searches to identify potential cancer patients missing from your practice QOF register.
  • Time Sensitive QOF Searches – searches to help achieve the CAN004 and CAN005 time limited indicators.
  • QOF Monitor Dashboard – works with the Ardens Manager QOF dashboard to allow a visual of QOF performance in monetary and points values.



QOF Alerts

The following are examples of real-time alerts available by default to alert practice staff of data quality issues which are affecting the cancer QOF achievement.




If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: