The following support article outlines the Ardens resources available to support practices with the ACC-08 requirements of the Network Contract DES (23/24), it will help practices to improve on their GPAD data. For all other searches available for Network Contract DES, access the following support article

ACC-08 looks at appointments mapped to 8 national categories:

  • General Consultation Acute
  • General Consultation Routine
  • Unplanned Clinical Activity
  • Clinical Triage
  • Walk-in
  • Home Visit
  • Care Home Visit
  • Care Related Encounter but does not fit into any other category

It looks at the total number of appointments booked within these categories and requires that the time from ‘booking to appointment’ is 14 days or less.

The thresholds for this are high, so it is vital that practices review their slot type mapping as soon as possible.

Please note – changing appointment (slot) mapping is only relevant for future appointments and has no effect on past appointments.

Ardens has produced the following searches to help with this and can be located in the Ardens Searches > 5.33 Contracts - NCD - Access search folder (practices must ensure they download this folder from the Ardens Portal).

Within the Booking time to appointment time folder are the following searches:

The following search shows users the total appointments last month which fall within the relevant GPAD national slot categories:

The following search and reports shows details of the slots which have met the requirements of ACC-08. The search shows the number of patients and the report (Info - shows book time to appt time) shows all the slots last month which meet the requirements. There is no further action on these. 

The ?Review as 'booking to appointment' time search and report (numbered 1 and 2 in the screenshot below) will highlight those who do not meet the 14 day requirement. The Booking to appointment more than 2w - report with details report shows the patients who have not met the target, together with the national slot category and the local slot category to allow you to review these if appropriate.

The most important thing to do is to review report 3 (Info – shows book time to appt time) as this will show you the appointments which are failing the 14 day requirement and will let you see which national slot category these are mapped to, together with the ‘book time to slot time’ in days:

You can see in the screenshot above that there are a lot of appointments mapped to ‘General Consultation Routine’ which are failing the 14 days. It is important to review the mapping of these and address it.


The second suite of reports found in the 'Slot type alignment with national categories' search folder will help with this.

The report 'Check slots are mapped to correct ‘GPAD national appointment category’ will show you the 8 national categories included in ACC-08 with the local slot types which are mapped to them in tabular form.

In this case, we can see that there are lots of slots mapped to the ‘General consultation routine': 

It is worth reviewing these slot types, to ensure that they are all used for appointments which should be booked >14 days in advance.


You could consider using one of the other national appointment categories instead, e.g. Planned Clinic. The full list of available national appointment categories is shown here:


Also within this folder, we have a report to show all ‘unmapped’ slots. It is worth reviewing this to ensure that all slot types are mapped.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: