Important information


The templates, alerts and searches that comprise Ardens EMIS are intended to help clinicians by presenting relevant information in an accessible manner. They are not intended to replace the clinical judgement of an independent clinical practitioner in the care of individual patients.


Each of our resources goes through a rigorous clinical safety assessment and is carefully tested before being made available for use.


However, it is also the responsibility of the end user to ensure that they make their own assessment of the clinical risks of using any software in practice.


Please note also that we cannot accept responsibility for any of our tools which are modified locally.   We would recommend that if you wish to edit a resource for local use, you should copy it into your own folder before you edit the copy and deactivate the original. This will prevent our updates overwriting your changes.



How to switch on the datasharing agreement for deployment of Ardens EMIS via Resource Publisher


  1. Navigate to the data sharing manager by going to the EMIS orb, selecting Configuration and Data Sharing Manager:


  1. In the bottom-left panel, select Resource Publisher:

  1. You will see the Ardens Starter listed in the left hand panel (please note - you may see Ardens PLUS and Ardens PRO, these will also need to be activated) , if it has a green tick next to it, it is active. If it has red ‘X’ next to it, it is currently deactivated.


  1. To activate, select the data agreement (remember you need to do this for PLUS and PRO agreements also if visible) and click the Activate Agreement button in the top ribbon menu:


  1. After a few moments, the agreement should say it is active and have a green tick next to it. You will now be able to receive Ardens EMIS content via Resource Publisher.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: