Our GP session is a 1 hour session focusing on resources relevant to the clinicians, delivered remotely or as a face to face session. ANPs and Pharmacists may also find this session useful.

It is essential to watch the following 45 min 'Ardens Introduction' webinar prior to the GP training taking place.

The following subjects are covered in the 1 hour GP training session:

Feedback and questions from the Ardens Introduction webinar - this is an opportunity for the clinicians to ask the Product Specialist any questions relating to the areas demonstrated in the webinar.

Accessing Ardens Clinical Templates - walk through of how to locate and use the various Ardens Clinical Templates.

Housekeeping - discussion on general housekeeping for individual users.

Clinical Template Discussion - an opportunity to discuss templates relevant to the GPs and ANPs. The Product Specialist will also highlight templates particular useful for GP Contract and Network DES requirements. 

Recalls - how to add recalls and action appropriately. Ardens provides two recall systems - Diary Recall System and the Month of Birth Recall System, the use of this for your practice will be discussed in the Practice Management session.

Ardens Document Templates - an overview of the document templates available, including safeguarding reports and the electronic cremation form.

Ardens Searches - an overview of the searches available, including prescribing, clinical safety and case finding searches.