The Ardens EMIS Nurse and HCA training is a 1 hour session focusing on resources relevant to the nursing team, delivered remotely or as a face to face session. Paramedics and Midwives may also find this session useful.

This training will cover the following content:

  • How to locate and use the Ardens Clinical Templates to support accurate data entry during consultations for areas such as contraception, procedures, travel vaccinations and childhood immunisations. 
  • Discussion on the Ardens resources to support Chronic Disease Management including the use of the Multi-Morbidity Templates for patients presenting with multiple long-term conditions.
  • How to add a recall and identify a recall is due for a patient requiring ad-hoc blood tests, procedures, investigations and follow-ups using the Ardens Diary Recall System. 
  • How to identify and action the Ardens Clinical Safety and Data Quality Alerts.
  • Overview of the available Ardens National Document Templates, including electronic Care Plans, Home Blood Pressure Diary forms and more...
  • Overview of Ardens searches relevant for the nursing team, including the monitoring of vaccinations and immunisations activity and pill check reports.

Please note we can be flexible on the content delivered during the session. If there is a particular area you would like to focus on or would prefer an open Q+A session, please let the Training Administrator know at the point of booking training or the Product Specialist upon their arrival at your practice.

Online training for Nurses and HCAs can be found here.

For any queries relating to training, please contact