Our Nurse and HCA training is a 1 hour session focusing on resources relevant to the nursing team, delivered remotely or as a face to face session. Paramedics and Midwives may also find this session useful.

Prior to the training we recommend all practice staff to watch the 40-minute "Ardens Introduction" webinar - click here to access.

During the Nurse and HCA training the following content will be covered:

  • Feedback and questions from the "Ardens Introduction" webinar - this is an opportunity for the nursing team to ask the Product Specialist any questions relating to the areas demonstrated in the webinars. 
  • Locating and using the Ardens Clinical Templates - how to access the Ardens clinical templates, how to use and discussion on the templates available ( a full list of the Ardens resources can be found here).
  • Accessing the Ardens National Document Templates - how to access and launch the national document templates, how to save to a patient record and how to edit document to include items such as electronic signatures.
  • Adding and identifying patient recalls - adding recalls such as blood tests, injections, procedures and long term conditions and how to identify and action in a patient record. Ardens provides two recall systems - Diary Recall System and the Month of Birth Recall System

Please note we can be flexible on the content delivered during the session. If there is a particular area you would like to focus on or would prefer an open Q+A session, please let the Training Administrator know at the point of booking training or the Product Specialist upon their arrival at your practice.

Online training for Nurses and HCAs can be found here.

For any queries relating to training, please contact training-emis@ardens.org.uk.