Ardens are using the Microsoft Teams application for all remote training and virtual meetings. The following support article will guide you through how to accept a Microsoft Teams invite, how to join a meeting and how to use the meeting controls. This is particularly useful for anyone new to Microsoft Teams.

Accept a Microsoft Teams Meeting Invite

If you have been sent a Microsoft Teams invitation for an Ardens remote training session or meeting, this will be sent to you via email. To accept or decline the Meeting Invitation, click on the appropriate choice on the top right of the email:

Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Once you have accepted the meeting invitation, the invite will be removed from your inbox to the correct date and time in your calendar.

To access your calendar if you are using the NHS mail portal, select Calendar from the blue navigation bar at the top right of your screen:


 If you are using Outlook, the Calendar option is at the bottom left of your screen:


To join the meeting on the specified date, open your Calendar, double click on the appropriate meeting and click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting:

If you do not have a microphone or speakers on your computer, or are unable to join via your computer, you are able to use the dial in function to listen and speak.  To do this call the telephone number under the link (shown above) and enter the Conference ID number.

You may be given the option to ‘open using the web’ or ‘open using the app’. If you have Teams installed on your PC you are able to select the app, otherwise open using the web browser option.

The meeting window will open, click Join now.  

You will need to enter your name and the following message may display ‘you are waiting in the lobby’.  The Organiser will admit you to the meeting.

Using the In-Meeting Functions

Once in the Meeting, you will see a floating tool bar on your screen (move your mouse for this to appear):


You may or may not have the Video functionality on your computer, this option will allow all attendees as well as the Organiser to see you.

The Microphone enables you to Mute yourself when you are not speaking.  This helps to avoid feedback or background noise interfering with the audio quality for others.

The Share Content icon enables you to share your screen with everyone.  Generally the Organiser will be sharing their screen, but there may be occasions when you are asked to do this.  To share your screen, click the Screen share icon.  You will be presented with a selection of Windows you have open on your computer, you may choose to share your Desktop or a specific program. It is often easiest to share your Desktop.  When you have finished sharing, you will need to click the Stop Presenting option on your toolbar.

Clicking on the Hand icon will notify the Organiser that you have a query or would like to ask a question.

Click the Show Conversations icon to type a message to the group, this is particularly useful if you do not have a microphone on your computer. 

The Show Participants icon will enable you to view a list of all the attendees.

The red telephone icon is the Leave Meeting button which you click when the meeting is finished, or you need to leave at any point during the meeting.

Recording of the Session

Microsoft Teams has the ability to record any sessions and the Organiser may ask at the beginning of the session if the audience would like the session to be recorded (if appropriate). After the meeting, the Organiser will send over the recording link once ready.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: