The Asthma and heart Failure QOF requirements underwent fairly significant coding change this year:

Asthma - RCP questions are no longer required but instead, all patients needs to haave an Asthma Control Test AND recording of the number of exacerbations AND a written personal action plan AND an annual review coded.

Heart Failure - Patients now need an annual review, including an assessment of functional capacity and a review of medication.

The Business Rules for these new indicators have only recently become available and we have updated all of our templates in v14.0 to include these new requirements.

We recognise that practices may well have carried out a number of annual reviews which have not been coded appropriately for QOF so have created some reports to assist you with this. These are available from v18.2 of Ardens Main Searches.

To find these reports, navigate to Population Reporting > Ardens Main Searches > QOF Related Searches > QOF Housekeeping - annual review ?missing coding:

Within this folder we have separate reports for Asthma and Heart Failure:

Run all the searches and view the reports. The report 'Asthma review this QOF year, but missing coding (ALL MUST BE COMPLETED)' will highlight any patients who appear to have had an asthma review this year but who have some QOF codes missing. You will need to review and code these patients as necessary.

The report 'HF Review this QOF year, but missing coding' will show you those patients who have had a Heart Failure review this QOF year but who appear to be missing coding. You will need to review and code these patients as necessary.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: