There may be times were the practice may want to recall a patient on a month that is not their birth month. For example, John Smith might be born in August, but he is always away on holiday around this time, this means the practice normally calls him in with the May patients. 

Adding a simple code to the patient record, will override calling the patient in during their birth month.

To add the code:

Access the relevant patient care record and click on the Add > Code option on the EMIS ribbon.

Search for 'Recall Arranged' using the search box provided. Select the code and within the Date of Entry field, change the date to any date in the month the patient wishes to be recalled in. Please note, EMIS will not allow a future date to be entered, you must enter a date in the past, but for this purpose it is only the month that is important.

Click OK once complete.

From that year onwards, the patient will only be called in with the specified month. Please note - that you can revert the patient back to being recalled on month of birth by deleting the Recall Arranged code or to enter a recall date which aligns back with the patients birthday month. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens Support on: