The following document explains why parameters are used in some Ardens searches and reports and how to use them. 

A parameter allows a different date range to be applied each time the search is run. This means that the search does not need to be edited every time the date range needs to be changed. When the search containing a parameter is run, the system prompts the end user to enter a date or date range.

Parameters are particularly useful if the date ranges in the search or report need to be changed on a regular basis (for example if you wish to vary between reporting monthly and quarterly). They can be applied to an individual search or a file containing searches.  They are used in two ways:

  • In a single search, only a single prompt for the run date is needed if two parameters share the same name.
  • If a parameter is marked as global, it can be used in multiple searches. If you run a whole folder of searches that contain the same parameter, you are only prompted to specify the date range once.

The Arden searches may use either of the above.

How to enter a parameter date range when a search is run

Go to the EMIS Bubble > Reporting > Population reporting > Ardens folder – if a search or folder of searches has a parameter setting when “Run” is chosen the parameter prompt will appear. Enter the date range as appropriate.

Example below of a folder of searches with a parameter:

Example below for a single search:

Please note- if a month or year rather than an specified date (e.g. 1st or 31st of a month) is needed, the first prompt needs to be “on”. Thus to pick up every patient with an April birthday (as required for the month of birth annual review recall search in the Ardens QOF searches) then the settings need to be as below:

If a date range is needed for the searches then use either “before or on” or “after or on”.

Date ranges you may often wish to use are e.g.:

On last month = activity during last calendar month

On last fiscal year = during last financial year

After or on 1 year before the search date = in the past 12 months from today’s date

On the month of =in April – every April (eg for month of birth searches)

During March 2020 = after or on 1st March 2020 and before or on 31st March 2020

Occasionally there may be more than one parameter range in a folder, each will be clearly named and there will be a prompt for each parameter date range separately. 


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: