Searches can be scheduled to run automatically at specified times. To do this highlight the search (or search folder) and select Properties on the ribbon, alternatively right click and select Properties.  

The search properties box will open.  Select the Schedule tab and the scheduling box will appear.  Select one of the Recurrence pattern options, for example if you want the search to run every week select Weekly, Recur every 1 week and select which day you would like it to run:

Select the Range of recurrence (how long do you want the search to run automatically), you can end after a certain number of occurrences or select an end date.

Usually you would leave the Baseline Date to Schedule execution date, this will run the searches on the date defined by the recurrence pattern.  Alternatively you can select a time period before or after the recurrence pattern, or the last choice selecting a Fixed Date.  Click OK.

Within the main search pane, to the right of the search name,  you will see a clock under the Scheduled tab denoting that the search has a schedule attached to it:

When the end date has passed, the clock will no longer be seen.  

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: