Ardens has developed a number of resources to support practices achieving the Network Contract DES requirements for 2022/23. The following support article outlines different searches available to support the latest requirements. 

Disclaimer: The Ardens National Contract Reports (including QOF, NCD, SMI, NHS HC) are to be used purely as an indicative guide for practices for practical purposes. They are not intended to replace the national reports. Whilst they are based on the business rules, they do not accurately reflect every rule.

A number of NCD indicators also use data from other sources that are not available via the standard EMIS Web search / report screens. Specific examples include:

  • NCD012 - Data from manual submissions by PCNs via CQRS
  • NCD013 Data from GP Appointment Data

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 5.32 Network Contract DES (NCD) (2022-23) folder.

This folder is broken down by sub folders for each area of the Network Contract DES for the current financial year.

a. Investment and Impact Fund (IIF)

The Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) folder supports practices with the IIF requirements. 

The Work done folder will report on activity achieved, broken down by the different areas of IIF.

The Work to do folder will identify outstanding work:

  • The Cardiovascular disease folder supports the the 'Cardiovascular disease prevention' area and identifies patients to confirm or exclude Hypertension based on their latest BP and AF patients who you may want to consider starting on a DOAC based on their CHAD2DS2-VASc score. For more information see IIF - Cardiovascular Disease Prevention (CVD).
  • The Care Homes  folder supports the 'Enhanced Health in Care Homes' area and will identify where personalised care plans needs to be agreed or reviewed for care home patients. For more information see IIF - Enhanced Health in Care Homes.
  • The Ethnicity folder supports the 'Prevention and tackling health inequalities' domain and will identify patients that have no ethnicity status recorded in their record.
  • The Inhalers folder supports the 'A sustainable NHS domain' and includes a search to identify patients that may need To be switched to a non-MDI inhaler.  For more information see IIF - Inhalers.
  • The Learning Disability folder supports the 'Prevention and tackling health inequalities' domain and will identify LD patients with no action plan complete or complete but before the annul review took place.  For more information see IIF Learning Disability.
  • The Seasonal Influenza folder supports the 'Vaccination and Immunisation' area and will report on were vaccines still need to be given for the eligible cohorts, it will also report on vaccines that have been incorrectly coded.  For more information see IIF - Vaccination and Immunisation
  • The Structured Medication Review folder supports the 'Deliver better outcomes for patients on medication' area and will report on those patients that require an SMR.  For more information see IIF - Structured Medication Review (SMR).

For all folders above, once the searches have been run, the TO-DO searches, the Population Included tab will display the patients to focus on. 

Useful Ardens templates to capturing data for IIF are listed below:

The Guide only folder searches will show the IIF indicators which Ardens can only offer as a guide for practices to track performance, this is due to some indicators being reliant on appointment-based or other extraction data.

The Data Quality folder contains searches to support practices with identify incorrect coding and missing data for the IIF requirements. Further information on how to work these searches can be accessed in the following support article

b. Payment Indicators 

The Payment Indicator searches are for information only and is activity data that maybe be extracted via GPES. Practices are advised not to use these for identifying achievement/work to do for IIF and must refer to the a. Investment Impact Fund searches.

c. ARRS Reports

This folder reports on ARRS staff activity.

To view the results of the reports, click on the View Results option on the EMIS ribbon.

d. Early Cancer Diagnosis

This folder supports practices on the participation of the national screening programme and the improvement on the referral and safety-netting practices with patients suspected of having cancer.

The Work done folder will report on referral, diagnosis and screening activity. The screening activity searches will allow practices to break this down by cohorts of patients such as BAME, Blind, Homeless and Learning Disabilities. 

The Work to do folder will identify were work is still to be done.

Please note - the Ardens 'Cancer Screening Follow-up Template' can be used to record screening advice given.


We advise practices not to use this search folder, these are mainly searches used to be built upon the searches in the main search folders of Network DES.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: