Ardens has developed a number of resources to support practices achieving the Network Contract DES requirements for 2024/25. The following support article outlines different searches available to support the latest requirements. 

Disclaimer: The Ardens National Contract Reports (including QOF, NCD, SMI, NHS HC) are to be used purely as an indicative guide for practices for practical purposes. They are not intended to replace the national reports. Whilst they are based on the business rules, they do not accurately reflect every rule.

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 5.31 Contracts - Contracts - IIF 2024-25 folder. This folder is broken down by sub folders for work done, work to do and data quality issues for IIF for the current financial year.

The Work done folder will report on the IIF activity achieved.

The Work to do folder will identify outstanding work.

Please note, there are no Work to do searches for Cancer as the FIT test needs to be done in the 21 days before referral. However you may wish to use the Population Excluded list for those you have missed to identify the reason as this may be a training issue.

The Data Quality folder contains further searches to support practices with identifying incorrect coding and missing data for the IIF requirements. 

The ‘rectal haemorrhage’ code, although mentioned in the contract description, does not appear in the exclusions of the IIF business rules. The ?Previously excluded due to rectal haemorrhage search will identify patients who have this code, you may wish to review their coding.

The cancer searches will identify potential duplicate lower GI 2ww referrals and either incorrect qFIT codes or if the qFIT has been recorded after the referral.

The inequalities searches are identifying patients where either ethnicity, annual review or action plan have been completed but not all three.  They will also highlight if the action plan has been completed before the annual review (this needs to be recorded on or after the annual review).


We advise practices not to use this folder, these are mainly searches used to be built upon the searches in the main search folders of Network DES.

Running Searches

When running searches, if you want the results to reflect how you are doing now, select Run > Yes.  However, if you want the results to reflect how you are doing as of the end of the fiscal year, select Run > Advanced Options > 31/3/25 > Yes.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: