Ardens has developed a number of resources to support practices achieving the PCN DES requirements for 2021/22. For further information on this, please click here. The following support article outlines different searches available to support the latest requirements. 

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 5.3 Ardens National Cntrct Reports > PCN DES folder.

This folder is broken down by sub folders for each requirement of the PCN DES for this current financial year (2021/22):


The Cancer folder supports practices on the participation of national cancer screening programme and improvement on the referral and safety-netting practices for patients suspected of having cancer.

The Clinical Activity folder (once run) will report on diagnosis, referral and screening activity recorded for this fiscal year.

The Register folder will provide practices with detailed cancer registers.

The Work to do folder identifies work to be done. This is mainly patients that have not had screening advice recorded in this fiscal year. The practice also have the option to narrow down to specific groups of patients, such as Learning Disability, Transgender and BAME. 

To complete the work to do, access the patients displaying in the Population Reporting tab, check if a patient has been given advice and code appropriately.

Please note - the 'work to do' search for fast track referrals will exclude those patients coded as declined or inappropriate referral. 

For further information on the Ardens Cancer resources, please see the following support article

Care Home

The Care Home folder supports practices to audit the activity for the Enhanced Health in Care Homes requirement.

This folder  will provide practices with detailed practice care registers, including patients currently living in a nursing/care/residential home and those patients who have passed away in a care home in the past year.

The Care home data quality search folder identifies patients who have a 'care home' code in their record which is not recognised by the PCN DES business rules. You may wish to re-code these with 'Lives in residential home' or 'Lives in nursing home' ((or living temporarily in care home') as these are the recognised codes.


The IIF folder supports practices with the IIF indicators. Please see further information here.

The LD Health Checks folder will show number of completed health checks for the fiscal year and a 'to do' list of those yet to have a health check.

The Ardens Learning Disability template includes the relevant codes needed to complete the LD Health Check. 

The PC01 - Social Prescribing folder will show the number of patients referred to social prescribing and identifying those patients with an incorrectly coded social prescribing code.

The Ardens Social Prescribing and Health Coaching template includes the relevant referral code for PCN DES.

The VI-Seasonal Flu Vaccination folder will show flu activity and identify patients incorrectly coded with a flu code.

For patients needing a flu vaccination, Ardens have a number of resources to support practices with this, please see here.

Network Extract: Management information

This folder supports practices with activity for the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS). 


The SMR folder supports practices to identify and priortise patients who would benefit from a structured medication review.

The Clinical Activity folder outlines the SMR activity done in this fiscal year, broken down by the types of review recorded.

The Register folder will provide practices with a list of target population for SMR. 

The SMR - target populations folder breaks the target population by groups (care home residents, patients recorded as having a fall or admission in last 6 months, housebound, medication associated with errors, severe frailty patients and those patients on 10 repeats or more.

The SMR Data quality search folder identifies patients who have had a 'medication review' since 1st October 2020 and have more than one element of SMR done and may need a SMR coded added to their record. Along with a search to identify patients that are currently on a repeat item but not issued in the last 13 months.

The Work to do folder identifies work to be done and patients requiring a structured medication review. Click on the Population Included tab to identify the patients. Please note - the Ardens Structured Medication Review includes standardise coding of this activity.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: