Many practices do not realise that there is a way to see the details of the patients who have been extracted as part of a CQRS automatic extraction.

You can view this information by navigating to Population Reporting then by choosing 'Enquiry Manager' which is the tab next to the Population reporting one:

Choose the standalone globe at the bottom of the left hand bar:

This will show your GPES extractions by month:

In this case, November houses your October data. Click on the November folder and choose the service for which you would like to see the data:

Then choose 'view in search manager':

This will show you the extracted data in a format with which you are familiar:

You can view numbers and also see 'patients included' but you cannot edit the searches and you cannot run them. However, viewing the included patients really does help with cross checking your own lists with those extracted by CQRS!

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: