The Pharmacy First service builds on the NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service which has run since October 2019. This service enables patients to be referred into the community pharmacy for a minor illness or an urgent repeat medicine supply and from 31 January 2024 enables community pharmacies to complete episodes of care for 7 common conditions following defined clinical pathways.

The Ardens resources to assist the new service, consists of a clinical template to support triage, along with a pre-populated referral to email to the pharmacist once the information has been gathered.

To access the template, ensure the relevant protocol is added to your F12 key.

To do this, press F12 on your keyboard. This will launch the Protocol Launcher screen.

Right click on associated letter or number and click on the Add option. Search for the 'Pharmacy First Referral Protocol', select it once found and click on OK

This will add the protocol to your F12 key and will be available each time you need to launch the Pharmacy First Service template. 

Please note - each individual user will need to add the protocol to their F12 key if relevant. 

Once you select the above protocol, this will first launch the Pharmacy First Service' template.

The NHS PFS symptom groups page outlines the criteria and symptom groups provided by NHS England. The information can be used by GP practices to determine a referral to a pharmacist.

The Data gathering page provides data fields to capture information for the receiving pharmacist. The following information pre-populates the referral form and we suggest completing as much information as possible. 

Once the information has been completed, ensure you Save Template.

This will trigger the following message:

Click Yes to launch the pre-populated referral.

Once launched, click on the File option to Save and Close to the patient record.

For further information on how to edit, print and email the document, please see the following support article

Please note - there are searches are available which will display referrals to CPCS, these can be located in the 5.32 Contracts - Network DES (23-24) > b. Service Requirements > Access (work done only) 1. Work Done folder.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: