Managing payments that come into the practice and even specimens can be quite difficult. Ardens has created a template to record these in the patients records, along with searches to monitor activity.


Locating and Accessing the Items received Template

Access the relevant patient record and click on the Add button on the EMIS ribbon, followed by Data Using Template option.

This will open the Template Picker screen. If you have access any templates before, these will display to the right of the screen:

Type 'items' in the search field and click on the magnify glass icon (alternatively you can click on the Ardens folder on the right hand side > Reception Admin templates folder).

The results will return the 'Items received (Reception Admin) (Ardens)' template (if you are unable to locate the template, check with your Practice Manager/IT Manager that this is activated in the background).


Select the template and click on OK to open.


Capturing Data Using the Template

When you launch the template, you may be presented with the 'Consultation Properties' screen, here you may wish to change the Consultation Type to Administration note.

The template has been divided into pages, to make it easy to navigate. Please remember you only need to capture the data needed at that time. 


The Template Information page, will not be visited often but does include a link to the Ardens support desk if you have a query:

The Payments received page records the payments received into the practice - how much has been received, what they are for, details of any receipt and if a photocopy has been given to the patient:

If the report is not collected and posted to the patient this can be recorded and dated so if there are any queries all details will be recorded in the patient record.


If, for any reason a report is not paid for this can also be recorded through the template:

The  Samples received page records any samples received for the particular patient:

The details of the sample received will be coded in the patient record. There are tick boxes to confirm that the sample is appropriately packaged, and labelled, and sent off to the lab for testing.

Once the data has been captured. Click on the Save button on the ribbon to save information back to the patient record.

To monitor payments coming into the practice recorded using this template, Ardens has provided a search and report, please see the following support article.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: