Encouraging patients to take advantage of having access to their online primary care record is important – it allows patients to request prescriptions, see their GP NHS care record and book primary care appointments.

It is however very important that certain things are discussed before access is granted and important to make sure that the information that has been discussed is recorded in the patient record. 

As a practice you may consider some patients unsuitable to have access to their own primary care records e.g. patients who fall into categories such as Safeguarding, Dementia, HIV and AIDS and Victims or at risk patients who may not want their record available to be viewed (this is not a complete list,  practices need to consider who they may not feel able to manage their own accounts).

However, access to their primary care record can empower a patient to manage their medical problems better and they should be encouraged to create an account.

Locating and Accessing the Patient Online Access Template

Access the relevant patient record and click on the Add button on the EMIS ribbon, followed by Data Using Template option.



This will open the Template Picker screen. If you have accessed any templates before, these will display to the right of the screen:



Type 'Online' in the search field and click on the magnify glass icon (alternatively you can click on the Ardens folder on the right hand side > Reception Admin templates folder).



The results will return the 'Patient online access (Reception Admin) (Ardens)' template (if you are unable to locate the template, check with your Practice Manager/IT Manager that this is activated in the background).


Select the template and click on OK to open.


Capturing Data Using the Template

When you launch the template, you may be presented with the 'Consultation Properties' screen. Then here you may wish to change the Consultation Type to Administration note.




The template has been divided into pages, to make it easy to navigate. Please remember you only need to capture the data needed at that time. 


The Template Information page, will not be visited often but does include a link to the Ardens support desk if you have a query.



The Online access page records the discussion about online access with the patient, including recording any risk that might be perceived about this patient. 

The drop down fields contain code entries where possible, with the option to record free text below this.





The Remote identity verification page allows you to record details that have been confirmed to you by the patient, in order to verify their identity.




There is also a link to the RCGP online toolkit which gives more guidance and information about the benefit of online access. 


Once the data has been captured. Click on the Save button.


The data captured will be saved to the patient record in the Consultation screen.  

Patient Online Access Documents Template

To complement the clinical template Ardens has a created document template for the patient to complete with up-to-date information.

The document clearly explains to a patient the benefits of having online access to their GP record, and allows them to complete an application form for online access to their medical record.


To access the document from the patient record, select Add > Document > Create letter via the EMIS ribbon. Click on the magnifying glass (if you have accessed the document before it will be in the list – double click)  and navigate to the Ardens National Documents > Registration and Deductions folder.




If the patient has not been registered yet, then access the document via the Template Manager or Resource Publisher module. Navigate to the Document Templates area and select the 'Ardens National Documents' folder. The Online Access inform and form can be found in the 'Registrations and Deductions' folder.



The document details the benefits of online accounts and also follows the data entry template.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk