Ardens Manager is a cloud based analytics platform, which allows EMIS and SystmOne practice data to be displayed graphically and (optionally) shared with your PCN, Federation or CCG. Further information on Ardens Manager can be accessed here.

For Ardens EMIS practices, here is how to locate the associated Ardens Manager reports, within the Population Reporting module of EMIS Web.

Please note - if you are a National Contract Subscriber of Ardens Manager data will automatically be uploaded for QOF, Network Contract DES, CQC, Prescribing Monitoring & Alerts, Seasonal Influenza, CAS Alerts, Cancer, Diabetes. 

Upload COVID Vaccination Activity

Ardens Searches > 3.10 Vaccinations - COVID > 50. Ardens Manager Reports > Ardens Manager COVID Vaccination Report:

Upload COVID Alerts

Ardens Searches > 4.16 Ardens Conditions - COVID19 > Ardens Manager COVID Alerts Report > Ardens Manager COVID Report:

Upload Condition Activity - Cardiovascular 

Ardens Searches > 4.10 Conditions - Cardiovascular > Ardens Manager service report - Ardens Manager Service Report - Cardiovascular:

Upload Condition Activity - Care Home, Frailty and End of Life

Ardens Searches > 4.11 Conditions - Frailty, CH + EOL > Ardens Manager service report > Ardens Manager Service Report -  Frailty and EoL:

Upload Condition Activity - Diabetes 

Ardens Searches > 4.12 Conditions - Diabetes > Ardens Manager service report - Ardens Manager Service Report - Diabetes:

Upload Condition Activity - Respiratory 

Ardens Searches > 4.13 Conditions - Respiratory > Ardens Manager Service Report - Ardens Manager Service Report - Respiratory:

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: