Ardens has created electronic versions of some of the common benefit forms to support practices in saving time and removing the need to scan documents completed manually. The available benefit forms include:

  • BI205 – Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • ESA113 – Employment Support Allowance Form
  • FRR2 – Health Assessment Advisory Service
  • Ref - AHPF - Advisory Fitness For Work Report
  • Ref - DHSC - Fast Track Pathway Tool for NHS Continuing Health 
  • Ref - Personal Independence Payment (PIP Form)
  • SR1 – Claiming your fee
  • SR1 – Form
  • VAD20 – Vaccine Damage Payments Unit
  • VAD21 – Vaccine Damage Payments Unit

 To access the Benefit forms, access the relevant patient record:

  • Within a consultation, select the Documents > Create letter option.
  • Outside of a consultation, select the Add > Document > Create letter option.


This will display the New Patient Letter screen.



Click on the magnify glass icon to search for the relevant document template.

This will display the Find Document Templates screen.

Search for the document template using the search box provided (alternatively select the Shared > Ardens National Documents folder for RP sites or Ardens Docs folder for Template Manager sites, within the folder navigation pane).

Double click on the relevant document to launch.

The following example shows the DS1500 - Doctor's Report, which once open, will populate with the relevant patient details and further tick boxes/text fields to complete the information.

Once you have completed the relevant information, click on the File option to the left of the screen to print and save back to the patient record.

Once the document has been saved to the patient record, if you wish to email the document, select the Documents tab of the patient record. 

Double click on the relevant document to open.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, click on the Send > via Email option to attach the document to an outlook email.

If you are not using Microsoft Outlook, click on the Export button to save the document to a secure location. This can then be picked up as an attachment for your email.


Following the steps above, you can also claim your fee by using the DS1500 – Claiming your fee document.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: