Ardens has created electronic versions of Firearms Letters, following current guidance from the British Medical Association. These letters can be used on an individual basis and created within the patient record. 


The available Firearms Letters include:

  • Info – BMA Firearms – conscientious objection
  • Info – BMA Firearms – outside expertise
  • Info – BMA Firearms – report no fee
  • Info – BMA Firearms – report pending fee
  • Info – BMA Firearms – summary pending fee
  • Ref - Firearms Licensing Medical Information Proforma
  • Shotgun & Firearms Letter to Patient At Risk 


To use the letters, access the relevant patient record either:

  • Within a consultation - select Document > Create letter
  • From the patient record - select Add > Document > Create letter


This will display the New Patient Letter screen.


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Click on the magnify glass icon to search for the relevant document template.


This will display the Find Document Templates screen.

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Search for the document template using the search box provided (alternatively, for Resource Publisher sites, select Shared Folders > Ardens National Documents folder > Firearms Letters. For Template Manager sites, under the Hierarchy tab, select the Ardens Docs folder > Firearms Letters).


Double click on the relevant document to launch.


The following example shows the Info – BMA Firearms – report pending fee letter.  

Once open within a patient record, the document will include the organisation name, date, patient details and user name, and will allow you to address the letter to the Police Firearms Licensing Officer.


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If an electronic signature is required, it will be necessary to stop the editing protection of this document.


Select the Review tab on the menu bar, and then Restrict Editing A picture containing shape

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At the bottom of the screen, select Stop Protection 


You will now be able to use the Insert option on the menu bar to select and insert your electronic signature into the Firearms Letter.


When you have fully completed the letter, click on the File option at the top left of the screen to save to the patient record and to print, as required.  


Once the document has been saved to the patient record, if you wish to email the document, select the Documents tab of the patient record. 


Double click on the relevant document to open.


At the bottom right of the screen, use the options for emailing.



If you are using Microsoft Outlook, click on the Send > via Email option to open an email in Outlook, with the letter attached.


If you are not using Microsoft Outlook, click on the Export button to save the document to a secure location. This can then be selected as an attachment to your email.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: