The Ardens LTC Recall System supports practices with streamlining the management of patients with long term conditions. It is designed to recall patients by month of birth for all conditions at once, meaning those patients with more than one condition will only receive one invitation and will attend fewer appointments. 

It includes a comprehensive suite of searches for call and recall, enabling practices to use their preferred method of invitation, with reports available for easy transferring of information to third party messaging platforms:

It also consists of searches to enable condition-specific invitation coding and a protocol to support the Reception team in identifying which reviews are outstanding for the patient when booking an appointment:

The recall system consists of three systems to support ways of working and it is important the practice has an initial discussion and agrees on which system will work best for them. We recommend only using one system to save on any confusion. 

System A

This is a system, whereby all patients are recalled for all conditions by month-of-birth. A standard invitation message invites the patients to call the practice to establish what they need an appointment for. For further information on how to use this system, please click here.

System B

This system still looks at recalling patients by month-of-birth, but will separate out those patients who are due a review only for a single condition. This will allow practices to send directed messages to certain cohorts (e.g. those with only an asthma review outstanding who could be asked to complete an Accurx/Medlink florey, or those with a BP outstanding who could be invited to send in a home reading or come into the waiting room and submit a reading). Those who have more than one review outstanding will still receive the same standard invitation as in System A, but this number will be reduced. For further information on how to use this system, please click here.

System C

This system facilitates the increasing way reviews are being completed by clinic rather than condition. It will allow practices to invite patients for combined clinics such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Mental Health. For further information on how to use this system, please click here.


Once the practice have decided which system works best, right click on the system folder you do not want to use and Delete (alternatively cut and paste the folder into a separate archive folder).


If you require further practice-level training on the Ardens Recall Systems, please email to discuss. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: