Ardens has created a Coding Template to support Reception/Admin staff in accurately recording certain data within a patient's record.


Locating the Coding Template 

Access the relevant patient record and click on the Add button on the EMIS ribbon, followed by Data Using Template option:


This will open the Template Picker screen. If you have accessed any templates before, these will display to the left of the screen:



Type coding in the search field and click on the magnify glass icon (alternatively you can click on the Ardens folder on the right hand side > Reception Admin Templates folder):


The results will return the Coding template (Reception Admin) (Ardens)' template (if you are unable to locate the template, check with your Practice Manager/IT Manager that this is activated in the background).


Select the template and click on OK to open.


Capturing Data Using the Template

When you launch the template, you may be presented with the 'Consultation Properties' screen, here you may wish to change the Consultation Type:


The template has been broken down by pages, to make it easy to navigate. Please note - you only need to capture the data needed at that time. 


The Template Information page, will not be visited often but does include a link to the Ardens Support Desk if you have a query:


The Lifestyle information page allows you to capture the patient's latest smoking status, Alcohol Intake and Exercise status.  Please note – red text within the template denotes areas that need completing for payment purposes.

The Health Information page enables you to record BP, Height, Weight and BMI.  Any information you see on the right-hand side of a template in blue writing, is the information from when that code was last entered on the patients record. Clicking the arrow to the right of this information will open a more detailed view:


There are pages for you to record data around Ethnicity and Language, Carer Status, Vaccinations (recording data for the latest flu, shingles, pneumo or MMR vaccinations) and Allergies:

The Cancer screening page ensures correct coding for the latest Smear, Bowel screening and Breast screening results:

The SCID screening and Colonoscopy results pages allows information to be recorded for these areas if not already recorded.

There are pages for capturing information for Discharge coding (including ‘seen in’ information and ‘discharge status’), Delivery outcome, Family History and Disabilities:

The Legal and Safeguarding page allows you to record information around who the patient has granted access to their clinical record, recording Power of Attorney information as well as consent/dissent information for Summary Care Record or Local shared record.   Please note – for concerns or recording on a register (Child Protection, Safeguarding, Looked after Child), please use the Ardens Child Safeguarding template, or for adult safeguarding concerns (including domestic abuse) please use the Ardens Adult Safeguarding template.


Complete the template using the required fields and ensure you save the information, using the Save option.


If using the template via the Run Template option within an open consultation, you will also need to click Save to save the consultation.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: