The Ardens TNBI Template helps clinicians to meet the healthcare needs of the TNBI population.  It allows the clinician to record information about history, lifestyle and examination findings, sexual health, referrals, prescribing and screening for patients identifying as Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex.


The TNBI Template includes lots of information, advice and guidance for the clinician, as well as links to various useful and relevant websites and documents for patients.


Access the template within the patient record in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the Run Template option within the consultation.
  • Click on the Add > Data using Template option outside of a consultation.


Clicking on either of the options above will display the Template Picker screen. 

Search for the 'TNBI' template using the search box provided or via the navigation pane. Select the template and click OK.


The template has been broken down by pages on the left-hand side. Navigate to the page required.


The Quick entry page is for quickly recording patient information such as biological sex, preferred gender pronoun and title for correspondence.  There are also codes to record gender reassignment on the patients record (with consent) which will improve the accuracy of some Ardens searches, such as cervical smear eligibility.

The History page also contains the patient information section, but additionally allows the recording of information such as the impact of their gender identity on relationships, the effect on mental health, future ambitions and fears etc. Concerns around safeguarding can be noted, and safeguarding codes are provided (please follow your local policies relating to safeguarding and refer to the Ardens Adult/Child Safeguarding templates).  There is a section for recording additional information for children and young people e.g. bullying, play and friendships.

The Examination page enables recording of basic physical examinations e.g. BP, height and weight.

The Lifestyle page enables the updating of the patients smoking, alcohol and use of Illicit drugs statuses, as well as occupation.

The Sexual Health page allows the clinician to record information such as a patient’s history and examination data around sexual activity.  There is also a section to record HIV testing and monitoring, as well as the use of drugs to prevent or reduce the risk of HIV infection.

The Referral page of the template can be used to record a referral to a gender identity clinic.  There is also the opportunity to record a concurrent referral to mental health or psychiatric services.


The Referral page also includes a link to a list of Specialist Gender Identity Services clinics in the U.K. for adults, children and young people, and from that link you can access the individual clinic websites.


The Prescribing page offers RCP and GMC guidance with regard to patients who may be, or have intentions of, self-administering hormone medications from illicit sources.  There is advice and guidance regarding bridging prescriptions which the GP may consider in the best interests of the patient, and the opportunity to record such a prescription.

The Screening page offers advice for the clinician when discussing sex-specific screening with Trans patients.  Such patients will drop out of automated screening processes (breast, cervical, prostate or abdominal aortic aneurysm) if their gender designation is changed on their electronic patient record.  The page also allows you to record that screening was offered or advice given.


The Resources page includes many relevant links to resources for patients, as well as links to websites for healthcare professionals.


Complete the template using the required fields and ensure you save the information, using the Save option.


If using the template via the Run Template option within an open consultation, you will also need to click Save to save the consultation.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: