Ardens has created a Task reminder if form done protocol to prompt clinical users whether they need to send a task to the secretary after adding a referral code. 

The protocol is installed inactive by default but once activated will automatically trigger after adding any referral code for today to a patient's record, displaying a multiple-choice question as follows: 

Selecting the option for Yes will open the EMIS task window. 

Please note - the alert will be further triggered on Update Patient Record, therefore anyone adding further updates to the patient's record that day will be presented with the multiple-choice question.

Deactivating the Alert

If you feel the alert is not required, practices can turn off the alert locally. 

Please note - this will be turned off for all users at the practice.

To deactivate the alert, access Resource Publisher > Shared Folders > Ardens Live Toolset > Other Protocols (for Template Manager sites access via Template Manager > Ardens Live Toolset > Other Protocols):


Locate the Task reminder if form done (Ardens) protocol:

Right click on the protocol and select the option for Deactivate

The protocol will now be deactivated for all users and can be re-activated at any point. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: