Ardens has created a Task reminder if form done protocol to prompt users whether they need to send a task to the secretary after adding a referral code. 

The protocol is installed inactive for the practice to decide if they would find it useful.  

To activate the protocol access Resource Publisher > Shared Folders > Ardens Live Toolset > Other Protocols (for Template Manager sites access via Template Manager > Ardens Live Toolset > Other Protocols):


Locate the Task reminder if form done (Ardens) protocol:

Right click the protocol and select Activate from the ribbon:


Once active, the protocol will automatically trigger after adding any referral code for today to a patients record, displaying a multiple-choice question as follows:

Selecting Yes will open the task window, selecting No will close the alert box.

The alert will be further triggered on Update Patient Record, therefore anyone adding further updates to the patients record that day will be presented with the multiple-choice question.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: