Ardens has created a Patient Information Summary template to display useful coded information relevant for the selected patient. This may be particularly helpful for frail patients or patients with safeguarding issues.

Unlike most Ardens templates, this template does not enable the user to add information but is purely for the purpose of providing information.

For ease of use, Ardens have created an F12 protocol so the template can be accessed quickly without the need to launch a consultation.

Adding the Patient Information Summary Template Protocol to the F12 key

*Please note the following steps need to be completed for each individual user*

Press F12 on your keyboard to launch the Protocol Launcher screen.


Right click on an associated letter or number and select the Add option.


This will launch the Protocol Picker screen. Search for the Patient Information Summary Template Launcher protocol using the search field provided.


Once located, double click on the protocol to add to your Protocol Launcher (alternatively select the protocol and click OK):



How to Use the Patient Information Summary Template

Launch the required patient's care record.


Press F12 on your keyboard.


This will launch the Consultation Properties box, you may just click OK without making any changes as you will not be saving the template once the information has been viewed.


The Patient Information Summary page displays useful information coded on the patient's record.

The information available to view includes:

  • Blind/Partial Sight Status
  • Deafness/Hearing difficulty Status
  • Interpreter Status
  • Reasonable Adjustments Status
  • DNACPR Status
  • Housebound Status
  • Home Accessibility Status (key code)
  • Temporary Housebound Status
  • Cared for Status
  • Care Home Status
  • Frailty Status
  • Advance Directive Status
  • DoLS Status (Deprivation of Liberty)
  • Repeat Dispensing Status
  • Carer Status


The date you see on the right-hand side in blue writing, is the date that code was last entered on the patient's record. Clicking the arrow to the right of this date will open a more detailed view.

The Consent / Preference Summary page allows you to view the following…

  • Consent to share record with carer
  • Consent to share data with 3rd party
  • Consent for electronic record sharing
  • Consent for Summary Care Record

Please note, if the coded data is not present in the patients record the page/section will appear empty.




The Information page displays information for the user along with a link to the Ardens Support Desk for support queries.


Once you have viewed the information, select Cancel from the ribbon to close the template.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: