The Ardens PSA Monitoring template displays existing prostate cancer diagnostic codes and PSA testing results from the patient record.  It also facilitates the recording of PSA testing done in primary care, diary entries for future monitoring, and onward referrals made.


Access the PSA Monitoring template in the patient record in one of the following ways: 

  • Click on the Run Template option within the consultation.
  • Click on the Add > Data using Template option outside of a consultation. 


Clicking on either of the options above will display the Template Picker screen. 


Search for the 'PSA Monitoring' template using the search box provided or via the folder navigation pane. Select the template and click on OK.


The first section of the PSA Monitoring page allows the user to view existing prostate cancer diagnosis codes on the patient record, these codes will display on the right of data fields. Click on the chevron (arrows) to view more details in the right-hand panel.

The second section shows the latest PSA level (if recorded).  Click on the chevron to view more details.  


This section also allows the user to record that PSA monitoring has been done in primary care, and to add a follow up diary date to the patient record.


The PSA follow-up option is included in the Ardens Diary Recall System for practices to keep track of patients with outstanding PSAs. For further information on the recall system, please click here


The Onward Referral section allows for the recording of the level at which the Urologist would wish the patient to be re-referred, as well as recording that such a referral has been done.


Ardens has also created searches relating to PSA and Prostate Cancer.  


The Ardens Diary Recall System includes searches to identify patients with due or overdue diary entries for PSA testing.  


There are also searches relating to PSA within the Possible Cancer Searches folder of 4.14 Conditions - Cancer Searches, please click here for further information.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: