Ardens has many data quality and clinical safety alerts. Most of these alerts have been set to display for all practice staff, however it is possible to specify that the alert is displayed for only specific job roles.  

The job categories you are able to select refer to the job category set for the user within their EMIS set up profile. You should take care when considering changing the Ardens triggers to only display for specific job categories as potentially there may be staff members that will then miss important information.


To amend a trigger, access the Template Manager or Resource Publisher module and select the required alert.


For Template Manager sites right click on the relevant alert and select Properties >Triggers.


For Resource Publisher sites select the Manage Triggers option on the EMIS ribbon.


Highlight the trigger and select Edit.


Select Job Categories > Specific Job Categories:


Select the job categories you would like the alert to display for and click OK.


Repeat the steps above for all triggers set for the alert if appropriate. Click OK to confirm.


This alert will now only display for the job roles selected within the trigger.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: