There maybe times you would like use some of the Ardens reports but on a different cohort of patients e.g. you would like to a break down of long-term conditions for your Housebound patients and not all patients. The following support article will outline how this can be done, using the Housebound cohort break down of long term conditions as an example.

Step 1 - Copy the Ardens Report

Navigate to the required Ardens report, right click on the report and select Copy.

Select an appropriate folder (outside of the Ardens), right click and select Paste.

Click OK on the following message without selecting any additional options.

Changing the Parent Search

To change the cohort of patients, right click on the report and select Properties.

Click on the magnify glass next to the Results from field.

Navigate to the required search and double click to select.

This will populate the Results from field with your chosen search. You may wish to change the name of the report for future reference.

Click OK.

Once the report has been run, this will now show patients by condition based on housebound patients.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: