The Ardens Care Co-ordinator template facilitates the detailed recording of a patient’s history, their assessment, and signposting or referral to other services. This helps the Care Co-ordinator to support the patient by supervising their interdisciplinary care and co-ordinating other healthcare providers to enhance high quality care for patients.


Access the template in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the Run Template option within the consultation.
  • Click on the Add > Data using Template option outside of a consultation.


Clicking on either of the options above will display the Template Picker screen. 

Search for the "Care Co-ordinator" template using the search box provided or via the navigation pane. Select the template and click on OK.

The Admin & History page allows the Care Co-ordinator to record information such as appointment history, carer status, employment, housing and finances.

The Assessment page is used to record details of what is important to the patient, their needs and goals and general well-being.  There is also a section to record details of an admission avoidance plan.

The Signposting & Referral page facilitates the recording of signposting to other services such as emergency, mental health, or lifestyle. A referral to other services can also be recorded along with follow-up notes.

Complete the template using the required fields and ensure you save the information, using the Save option.


If using the template via the Run Template option within an open consultation, you will also need to click Save to save the consultation.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: