Occasionally results coming into your EMIS system are not matched automatically to a clinical code.   If information is not being pulled through into proforma forms, or if patients are not appearing in the results of a search which you would expect them to be in, check the code within Care History to see whether this could be the cause.  Within the Detailed View if you see ‘No SNOMED detail found’ this will confirm that the SNOMED code has not been matched:

To match the result to the correct code so that future results will automatically be coded, navigate to Workflow Manager, select Lab Reports and on the ribbon click Config:

In the Organisation Options section click Inbound Code Matches:

In the Code Matches pane, scroll to find the relevant code term you are wanting to match (in the example below I am wanting to match the code term FAECAL IMMUNOCHEMICAL TEST), highlight the code term and select Edit:

On the Edit Code Match screen click the magnify glass and in the Code Selector screen search for the relevant code term and click OK: 

On the Code Matches screen click OK: 

This will now match future results entering your system with the specific code to term to the code you have specified.  

Please note you may have variations in how this inbound term is displayed e.g upper and lower case – Faecal Immunochemical Test, FAECAL IMMUNOCHEMICAL TEST, FAECAL Immunochemical Test.  All these variations will need to be matched to the correct code if not already matched.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Ardens EMIS support:  support-emis@ardens.org.uk