There may be some occasions you are asked from external organisations to provide data based on a certain group of patients. EMIS has the functionality for practices to import a list of patients.

Please note - you can only import a list of patients from a .txt file and it can only 

contain NHS numbers. 

Saving the list as a .txt file

If you have been provided with a list of patients via an excel spreadsheet, ensure all data is removed apart from the patients' NHS numbers.

Select File > Save as and choose a Text Save as type.

Save the file.

Importing the list to EMIS

  • Navigate to the Population Reporting module.
  • Create or select an existing search folder.
  • Ensure the required folder is selected and click the Add button located on the EMIS ribbon, followed by Patient > List of Patients

  • This will display the "New List of Patient Report" screen.
  • Enter the Name of the list of patients and add a description if required.
  • Click on the Import option shown below.

  • Navigate to the saved .txt file and double click to open.
  • This will import the group of patients. Click OK once complete.

The data shown in this screenshot is test data and not real patient data.

  • The report will display in the selected search folder as follows.

Basing the list of patients on a search or a further report

If you are required to base the above group of patients on a further search. When 

completing the search properties, choose the 'based on' to be the Results from the list of patient report created.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: