Optional resource to be activated if required


The Continuity of Care resources are built upon the Foundry Healthcare  operational model based around patient segmentation on the basis of need. This was cited in the Fuller Stocktake Report  to improve access and keep patients out of hospital by streaming patients using systematic triage and clinical judgement. If you would like to learn more about how to implement the Foundry Healthcare Operational Model, then please visit the Foundry Healthcare website for more information and support from their team.


The following RAG statuses and codes are used:

A suite of resources have been made available on Ardens which include:

A Data Entry Template

Once active (see below for instructions), to access the template, just search for 'Continuity of Care' whilst in a consultation from ‘Run template’ in EMIS. 


On the template you will see the current patient RAG status, the ability to update this status, along with other key background information.



Segmenting patients

To start the process of segmenting your patients we have created a protocol based on Foundry HealthCare's suggestions: this template launches when saving the patient record. This protocol is deployed inactive and only triggers for clinicians as they are usually the ones making the decisions about which patient group the patient belongs to. Please see below on how to activate this protocol.

Maintaining registers

Once a patient has been given a RAG status a QoF box alert will appear to all users notifying them of the current RAG status, with the option to double click the alert to launch the same template as above. 

This QoF box alert is deployed inactive and requires activation before its use as GP practices may currently use the codes used in this resource local patient status alerts to identify patients for different purposes.

To activate these resources:

To activate these resource, access Resource Publisher > Shared Folders > Ardens Content > Other Protcols > Continuity of Care (Foundry Model) (for Template Manager sites access via Template Manager > Ardens content > Other protocols ...):


Locate the Continuity of Care Alert (Ardens) or the Continuity of Care: Patient Segmentation (Ardens) protocol and the Continuity of Care (Ardens) template:

Right click the protocol and select Activate from the ribbon:

Once active, the protocol will automatically trigger on loading or updating the patient record.

To activate the template, locate this within the folder above and right click and 'activate'.



Go to Ardens Searches > 1.37 Administration - Foundry RAG (Ardens) to see the list of patients in each RAG status, along with a report for patients who do not currently have a RAG status recorded.