The Ardens Condition searches have been designed to support GP practices with the management of specific diseases, including identifying certain trends and highlighting clinical areas that may need attention. 


To view activity for CKD, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 4.18 Conditions – CKD folder.

The Activity Last Month folder provides activity on diagnosis, reviews and screening provided last month. 

The Alerts folder identifies potential patient safety issues which clinicians may wish to address. For these searches, patients to be looked into will display in the Population Included tab. 

The Case Finders folder identities patients who are not correctly coded. Practices are advised to review the list of patients and add the correct disease code to ensure the patient is subsequently reviewed and manged correctly. More information on the complete suite of Ardens Case Finder searches can be found here.  

The Performance Indicators folder can be used to track where certain elements of care has not been completed, for example CKD patients who have not had a BMI or other tests recorded in the last 13m. 

We have used a 13 month timeframe for these searches as many guidelines and contracts are for activities to be done annually or within a financial year.  If we kept our searches to 12 months it does not allow for much leeway for those patients unable to attend exactly on their annual recall date and as these searches are performance indicators and not for contractual payment, we felt this timeframe would give a true representation of how the practice is performing.


Detailed registers for CKD patients can be accessed in the Registers folder and go over and beyond the standard QOF registers.

For those practices that use Ardens Manager and wish to upload this condition data to the Service dashboard for further monitoring, please see the following support article.


Please note - We advise practices not to use the zSubreports search folder, these are searches which the searches in the main folders are built upon.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: