Information Governance

We take our Information Governance responsibility seriously. We are a fully accredited EMIS Partner which means that EMIS has approved the services that we offer and how we connect to Practices remotely.

We are fully compliant on all requirements of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit. This is the same standard that GP Practices are expected to attain. Confirmation of this compliance can be found here.

We have also achieved Cyber Essentials PLUS and are fully ISO27001 accredited.

EMIS Web is designed to allow GP practices to authorise user access to only parts of the clinical system where this is appropriate.

  • The Emis Web account we ask you to create is an ‘Analyst’ account and only allows us to access EMIS Web to run searches and configure your system.  It DOES NOT allow access to care records. It does potentially allow patient demographics to be viewed, but we do not use this function for the services we provide.
  • We can only access EMIS Web via an encrypted N£ NHS Internet connection.
  • All of our actions are fully logged and audited on EMIS Web. You may review these at any time.
  • We are registered with the Data Protection Register. Our registration number is ZA742279.


Please email the practice name, account username, password, and your EMIS site number to the following encrypted email address:

Please note: supply of these login details constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. 

Please follow the instructions below to create an EMIS Web account


  • Select the EMIS button > Configuration > Organisation Configuration 
  • Select Add > Add New User
  • Complete the window as below:


User Details




You do not need to change anything on this page.


User Role Profiles

We require both of the following RBAC codes in order to access the Searches and Reports module to configure your system.


  • Select the magnifying glass icon and enter ‘B0994’ in the search field
  • Double click ‘Manage ad-hoc reports (local)’ and press ‘OK’
  • Repeat above steps and enter ‘B1700’ (Local System Configuration)
  • There is nothing to change under the ‘Teams’ or ‘Session holder filters’


You do not need to change anything on this page.



Session Holder Filters

You do not need to change anything on this page.


Out of Office Settings

Please set to ‘I am currently out of the office, and do not know when I will return’ and assign a deputy (usually the practice manager or IT manager). This is to ensure any workflow items that get sent to us in error are forwarded on.

Finally, press 'OK' in the bottom right hand corner.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: