Ardens is a partner of the Professional Record Standard Body (PRSB). The PRSB are involved with the SCCI1580 which is a standard that specifies the core content to be held in electronic palliative care coordination systems (EPaCCS). 


Awareness has been raised that a SCCI1580 non-compliant CPR resuscitation status exists that could be recorded, meaning that the resuscitation status may not have been visible in 'EPaCCS'. 


The codes affected by this are:

  • For resuscitation 304252001
  • Not for resuscitation 30425300

 Two searches are available to identify patients coded with either of the above non-compliant codes and if appropriate the compliant version of the code should be added. 


The two compliant codes are as follows and can be seen in the search details:

  • For attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation 450475007
  • Not for attempted CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) 450476008


The reports can be found within the 4.11 Conditions – Frailty, CH + EoL > Resuscitation folder.

There are two popup protocols in place that will prompt users if a non-compliant code has been added.

After clicking OK, you will be presented with a Yes/No prompt as to whether you would like the correct code added, selecting Yes will automatically add the correct code to the patients record.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: