The pink alert box provided by EMIS contains alerts based on protocols, unique to the selected patient.  The alerts usually appear in the bottom right of the screen (however can be moved around) and may include alerts created by your practice, EMIS, Ardens or other organisations.

Hovering over the alert name will display additional information, including whether the alert has been provided by Ardens. Clicking on the question mark icon will show details of the protocol build. 


Ardens Alert

Non Ardens Alert

There are some alerts that enable the user to double click on it to further enter additional information via a page of a template.

The alerts are displayed in order of priority, distinguished by different icons.

Alerts with a red dot denote high priority and will appear at the top of the panel. These are usually issues of clinical importance.

Alerts with a yellow triangle denote medium priority and will appear below any high priority alerts.  These are usually less important clinical suggested actions.

Alerts with a speech bubble denote low priority and will appear below any medium priority alerts.  These are usually useful information only alerts.

If you require any further assistance relating to an Ardens alert, please contact our support team with the screenshot of the alert you are referring to (minus PID information). 


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: