Enhanced services for vaccinations and immunisations all attract an ‘Item of Service (IoS) payment. This payment is made based on data extracted from the clinical system via GPES (GP extraction service) and displayed in CQRS. 

General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) collects information from GP clinical systems for many purposes including payment for e.g. QOF, Network Contract DES, Vaccination and Immunisation enhanced services.

Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) is a dashboard which displays the data above, allowing you to track and declare achievement. For more information access the CQRS website.

The data is extracted by GPES based on ‘business rules’ which are the technical specifications written by NHS England for the purpose of supporting payment to GP practices under the GMS contract. Please note that GPES uses a different search system from that available in EMIS Web. It is therefore not possible to precisely replicate the GPES search criteria using EMIS Web searches.   

Payment Types

Most Enhanced Services are ‘automatic’, meaning that the payment is made on the basis of data extracted automatically from the clinical system by GPES. For the financial year 2024/25 the only manual submission service is Weight Management, this is the only one you need to enter. This link provides more details of enhanced services that generate payment via CQRS.

Ardens has designed searches to support you with optimising your claims, access this support article for details on how to use the suite.

Further Training

The following video produced by CQRS will give you a useful overview of their platform:

Howbeck HOW2 provide further training on CQRS:

Howbeck Healthcare - HOW2 | Tailored bundles of video tutorials 

For training on the Ardens CQRS searches contact