Ardens supports GP practices with the steps to record a Reasonable Adjustment in EMIS Web. Below is our understanding of the guidance and the steps required to record this information. 

Step 1

Identify that the patient has an impairment meeting the threshold for a Reasonable Adjustment. This is needed for the Digital Flag to function. The required impairment code for this step is "impairment with substantial and long-term adverse effect on normal day to day activity (Equality Act (2010) 1326341000000105" and can be recorded via the appropriate Ardens templates - Learning Disability, Autism, Communications.

Step 2

Identify that, having reached the threshold for Reasonable Adjustment, the patient actually needs one. This may change over time, therefore, the 'latest' instance of the code is likely to be most relevant. The required code for this step is "requires reasonable adjustment for health and care access (Equality Act 2010) 1108111000000107".  A code for "does not require reasonable adjustment for health care access (Equality Act 2010) is being requested from SNOMED-CT by the national team.

Step 3

Obtain and record consent (or lack of it) for the sharing of Reasonable Adjustment information as a digital flag using API. The required code for this step is "consent given to upload data to Reasonable Adjustment Digital Flag (finding) 1853771000000105" OR "declined consent to upload data Reasonable Adjustment Digital Flag (finding) 1853781000000107".

Further References

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: