The Ardens QOF Analyser alerts practice staff to any outstanding QOF indicators for the patient. It has been designed to declutter the pink alert box by consolidating multiple QOF entries into a single alert, summarising work to be done.

QOF Analyser Alert

When accessing a patient record, practice staff will be alerted of any QOF indicators outstanding for the patient for the current fiscal year. The alert will display in the pink alert box.

Hovering over the alert will display a summary.

The alert will summarise outstanding indicators for patients within the Clinical (long term conditions) and Public Health (smoking, BP, smears) domains, including any patient exceptions. Due to complexity, similar to EMIS, it does not include Vaccination and Immunisations.  

The alert is broken down by areas, with the outstanding indicators listed at the top and excepted indicators at the bottom of each area.

For indicators that require multiple elements to complete (e.g. HF007), each will be displayed in the alert as a single item to clearly outline the requirements. 

Additionally, you will be notified if the patient notes have not been summarised, potentially leading to missing coded QOF data that could affect practice payments and patient care.

To capture missing QOF requirements, practice staff are to access the Ardens 'Multi Morbidity' template. To do this, press F12 on your keyboard and launch the Ardens Multi-Morbidity template launcher (this needs to be added for each individual user).

For further information on how to use the Ardens Multi Morbidity templates, access the following support article.

If the patient is not on any QOF registers but does have a public health indicator outstanding, the alert will display as follows:

Please note - the Ardens QOF Analyser looks at end of financial year and will be active by default for all practice staff. 

Deactivating the EMIS QOF Alerts

EMIS provide individual alert items for QOF which you may wish to switch off when using the Ardens QOF Analyser, to keep your pink alert box minimal.

Please note - if you choose to deactivate, this will turn off the individual QOF alerts in the pink alert box and the lightning bolt button will no longer display all outstanding QOF requirements in a template. If clinicians use this function then we recommend leaving the existing EMIS alert on. 

To switch off the alert, access the Resource Publisher module (if you have the required access).

Navigate to EMIS Library > EMIS Library folder > EMIS Protocols > QOF Protocols.

Right click on the QOF Alert Protocol v48 and select Status > Deactivate

Please note - this will be deactivated for all staff members.

If you deactivate the EMIS QOF alert this will also deactivate the EMIS 'Notes not Summarised' pink box alert, therefore, we recommend activating the Ardens 'Notes not summarised' protocol.

To turn on the alert, within Resource Publisher module, select the Shared Folder > Ardens Live National Content folder, select the QOF Analyser folder.

Right click on the 'Notes not summarised QOF box alert protocol' and select Status > Activate:

Deactivating the Ardens QOF Analyser

Please note the QOF Analyser is published as active and triggered for all practice staff members.

If you decide to turn off the alert for your practice, this can be deactivated as follows:

Navigate to Resource Publisher > Shared Folders > Ardens Live National Content > QOF Analyser folder.

Right click on the QOF Analyser protocol and select Status > Deactivate.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: