Ardens-QMasters have designed tools to help practices to easily manage the loan and return of equipment within the practice. The Equipment Loan template supports staff in capturing equipment that has been loaned, returned and the option to add patients to a 'waiting list'. Alongside the template, searches have also been created to monitor the activity of the equipment. 

Equipment Loan Template

To access the Equipment Loan Template, search for the appropriate patient in EMIS Web and launch the patient Care Record. Click on the the drop-down arrow below the Add button and select the option for Data using Template.

The Template Picker screen is displayed.  Search for the Equipment Loan Template using the search box provided or navigate to the Ardens-QMasters folder located to the left of the screen and select the Reception templates folder.

Once the template is open, select the relevant page on the left hand-side. Each page will contain a section to loan, return and to record the patient is to be added to a waiting list. Once you have completed the relevant information please remember to Save.

Equipment Loan Searches

The searches and reports will help to identify  patients who have loaned or returned equipment, patients who have been loaned equipment and have not returned it and patients on the waiting list.

To locate the searches, navigate to Population Reporting > Ardens-QMasters searches folder > Equipment loan folder:

Searches can be run either individually or collectively:

  • To run all searches at once, right click on the Equipment Loan folder and select the option for Run. Alternatively, select the folder and click on the Run option on the EMIS ribbon.
  • To run an individual search, click on the required search and either right click and select Run or select the Run option on the EMIS Ribbon. The associated report will also run at the same time.

To view the details of the report. Select the required report and click on View Results on the ribbon. For the example below we have selected the Equipment loaned to patient and not returned report. The report will display details of the patient, details of the equipment and when it was recorded as loaned.

Please note - the report can be printed or exported using the options in the EMIS ribbon.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens-QMasters support on: