Housekeeping is important for your clinical system. The following instructions recommended housekeeping actions to make using the Ardens resources for EMIS Web as streamlined as possible.

Deactivating Clinical Templates and Protocols  (must be used to deactivate any EMIS resources)

We suggest a discussion with all stakeholders on which templates the practice no longer needs to use. This will save confusion among practice staff on which templates to access. 

To deactivate templates and protocols, access the Template Manager or Resource Publisher module. Ensure the Templates & Protocols tab is selected. 

To deactivate:

  • Locate the template or protocol
  • Right click on the item and select Status > Deactivate. Alternatively click on the Deactivate option on the EMIS ribbon. 

Please note - deactivated items will be greyed out.

Please follow the same steps for deactivating Document templates. Ensure you have selected the Document templates tab.

Archiving Clinical Templates and Protocols  

Please note that you are unable to archive EMIS resources (please see steps above for deactivating).

To archive a single item:

  • Locate the template or protocol
  • Right click on the item and select Status > Archive. Alternatively click on the Archive option on the EMIS ribbon. 

To archive an entire folder:

  • Locate the folder
  • Right click on the folder and select Status > Archive. Alternatively click on the Archive option on the EMIS ribbon. This will archive all resources contained in the folder.

Please note - any archived items will be hidden.  To show any archived options, click on the Show Archived option on the EMIS ribbon.

Deactivating/Archiving Document Templates

For practices using the Template Manager module, this is similar to the process above. Access the Document Template area and select the folder or document you would like to deactivate or archive. Right click on the item and select Status > Deactivate (or Archive)

Please note - for Resource Publisher sites, document templates cannot be deactivated at practice level due to EMIS limitations.

Removing Clinical Templates from the Template Picker Screen

When accessing the Run Template option (or Data using Template option), any Recently Used  templates will display to the left of the screen for the individual user. Over time, the user may find certain templates in their recently used list is no longer required and it is good practice to clear this to avoid choosing any out of date or incorrect templates.

  • To remove a single template, right click on the template and select Remove.
  • To remove all templates from the list, right click on the template and select Remove All.

Please note - this will only remove templates from the individuals recently used list.

Removing Document Templates from the Template Picker Screen

Similar to Clinical Templates, Document Templates can also be removed from the recently used list. When accessing Document > Create Letter, click on the magnifying glass icon.

This will display the New Patient Letter screen and recently accessed documents will be displayed to the left of the screen. Click on the red cross against the required Document Template to remove from the list.

Please note - this process is user specific.

Deleting Searches

We recommend deleting any searches that are no longer needed or is a duplicate. We suggest each individual user that 'owns' a searches folder, does this separately.

Access the Population Reportinmodule, and locate the required search or folder.

Right click on the search (or folder) and click on the Delete button.

Please note - this will permanently delete the searches and must be used with care!

Ardens Diary Recall System Housekeeping

For practices deactivating the Ardens Diary Recall System, there is an element of initial housekeeping to ensure the system works most effectively. 

Please see the separate support article for further instructions: Click Here

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: