In order to ensure the Ardens Diary Recall System works most effectively for you, you must carry out some initial housekeeping to get rid of any irrelevant diary entries. 

We have provided searches to try and support you with this:

The searches can be located in the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.20 Ardens Diary Recall Searches > Diary Recall Housekeeping Searches folder.

All Arden Diary Entries Searches

We recommend to initially work through report number 3 (Ardens Diary entries overdue >1m (excl Med reviews) located in the *All Ardens Diary Entries (past 12 months) folder.

This will display all diary entries included in the Arden Diary Recall System in the past 12 months. We strongly recommend working on this report before activating the Arden Diary Recall System alerts, which will display recalls due for the patient up to 1 month ahead and in the past 12 months. 

Select search number 3, right click and select Run (alternatively select the search and click on the Run option on the EMIS ribbon)  to display the recent results. This will run both the search and the associated report.

Select the report and click on the View Results option on the ribbon. This will display details of the patient, diary entry and any upcoming appointments.

Clicking on the Export button on the EMIS ribbon will allow you to export the results to a CSV file if you would like to filter the information further.

Completing Outstanding Diary Entries

Once you have identified which diary entries are outstanding, you then must decide on whether:

  • The diary entry is no longer required and needs to be marked as complete.
  • The diary entry is to be replaced with a future date

This is to be done on an individual patient basis. We have made this process simpler for you by creating a protocol to complete multiple diary entries at a time. 

We recommend adding the Diary Completer protocol to your F12 key to manually launch the protocol when needed. To do this, press F12 on your keyboard, right click on a preferred letter and click Add, search and select the Diary Completer protocol. 

When the protocol is launched manually it will display the following screen. 

 The top half of the screen will display any subsequent results that has been recorded since a diary date.

To complete diary entries, click on the Complete a diary entry option.

When you select the option for 'Complete a diary entry' the following screen will display:

The top half of the screen will remind the user of any subsequent results found for the patient. This is followed by further options to choose an area on which diary entries you wish to complete. Select the relevant category.


The above screen will display details of the existing diary entries for the patient. Use the options provided to select which diary entry you wish to complete.

Please note - the option for 'Complete All of the diary entries above' will complete all existing (past or future) diary entries for the particular category. This option is to be used with care!

Selecting any of the options above will ask the user if they wish to complete any further diary entries. Clicking on the option Yes will return the user to select a further category.

All Non-Arden Diary Entries Searches

We would recommend running the *ALL Non-Ardens Diary entries (past 12 months) searches to establish whether you are using any diary entries currently, which are not supported by our Ardens Diary Recall System.

The results of these, can then be used to consider the best approach. For example:

  • To establish whether any / all of the old diary codes are actually being used by anyone in the practice and complete any which are not.
  • To manually replace all current diary entries using the codes we have included.
  • Run a ‘dual system, retaining any current recall system you have in place while you let the migration to new codes happen organically. 

Next Step - Learn how to activate the Ardens Diary Recall System tools

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: