The following support article will guide you through adding a trigger to a protocol. The below example focuses on adding a trigger to the 'LTC Recall letter sent display' protocol, a tool that is part of the Ardens LTC Recall System. The following process is optional to practices and will trigger the protocol to load on a patient's record for a particular job category.

To add the trigger

Access the Template Manager or Resource Publisher module.

Ensure you are in the Protocols & Templates area and select the appropriate protocol (as shown below). The 'LTC Recall letter sent display' protocol can be located within the Ardens folder > Chronic Disease (QOF) Recall System folder.

For Template Manager sites - right click on the protocol and select Properties (alternatively select the Properties option on the EMIS Web ribbon).

For Resource Manager sites - select the Manager Triggers option on the EMIS Web ribbon.

Click on the Add option.

Within the Add Trigger screen,  click on the drop down options for System Trigger and select Load Patient Record.

Click on the drop down options for Run Mode and select Always Run.

Select the radio button for Specific Job Categories. Using the options below, specify which job categories you wish for this trigger to apply to.

Click OK and OK again on the Manager Triggers or Properties screen.

The trigger has now been applied to the selected protocol and will launch automatically for the specified job categories on loading a patient record.

The above guidance can be used to add any additional triggers to protocols.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: