In order for diary entries to work efficiently they must be maintained. Patients requiring a further recall, will need the recall date updated to replace the existing diary entry and this can be done via the relevant Ardens Templates (see how to set a recall date). If the patient no longer needs to be recalled for the particular item, its is important the diary entry is manually completed to stop it from appearing as outstanding. 

The following instructions will guide you through how to complete a diary entry when no longer needed.

Completing an Individual Diary Entry

Access the patient Diary page within the patient Care Record and select the relevant diary entry to be completed.

Select the Complete option displayed on the EMIS ribbon (alternatively right click on the diary entry and select Complete).

Confirm you wish to continue by clicking on OK.

The diary entry will now be completed on the patient record.

Diary Completer

To support practices with ongoing management of diary entries, we have a designed a protocol which checks to see if a subsequent result has been recorded since a diary date. 

The top half of the screen will display the details of the subsequent result found. 

Further actions are as follows:

  • Complete a diary entry - displays further options to complete multiple diary entries at a time (please see further information on this below).
  • Check, add or edit an Ardens Diary Entry (launch Ardens Diary Recall Template) - will launch the Ardens Diary Recall Template to check current and set further recall dates.
  • Show all overdue and imminent Ardens diary dates - shows all overdue diary entries for the patient, with the choice to book a further appointment if needed.
  • Help - will give you a link to this support article
  • Close - will close the screen.

Select the appropriate action using the links provided.

Completing Multiple Diary Entries

Clicking on the 'Complete a diary entry' option within the Diary Result Detector will give the user the option to complete individual or multiple diary entries at a time. This is often a useful process when completing general housekeeping of diary entries (click here to see further information on housekeeping). 

When selecting the option for 'Complete a diary entry' within the Diary Result Detector the following screen will display:

The top half of the screen will remind the user of any subsequent results found for the patient. This is followed by further options to chose an area on which diary entries you wish to complete. Select the relevant category.

The above screen will display details of the existing diary entries for the patient. Use the options provided to select which diary entry you wish to complete. 

Please note - the option for 'Complete All of the diary entries above' will complete all existing (past or future) diary entries for the particular category. This options is to be used with care!

Selecting any of the options above will ask the user if they wish to complete any further diary entries. Clicking on the option Yes will return the user to select a further category.

Next Step - Learn how to manage recalls using the Ardens Diary Recall searches

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: