To support practices with the management of QOF, Ardens has produced additional QOF searches to identify missing coding requirements and help manage time sensitive indicators.

To locate the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > 1.3 Ardens Admin Searches > QOF Related searches incl Vaccs and Imms

Ardens Breakdown of QOF conditions by patient

Provides a breakdown of patients by their QOF conditions. A separate search is also available for Care Home patients. 

Running and viewing the results of the reports, will clearly display which registers the patient is on.

QOF Housekeeping - annual reviews ?missing coding

During 2020-21 the Asthma, COPD and Heart Failure QOF requirements underwent fairly significant coding change:

Asthma - RCP questions are no longer required but instead, all patients needs to have an Asthma Control Test AND recording of the number of exacerbations AND a written personal action plan AND an annual review coded.

Heart Failure - Patients now need an annual review, including an assessment of functional capacity and a review of medication.

COPD - Patients need to have an annual review, MRC score and number of exacerbations recorded.

To help practices identify annual reviews which have not been coded appropriately for QOF, the following searches have been made available:

Run all the searches and view the reports.

To understand which elements of the review the patient does not have included, the 'Check Patient' will help with this, further information here.

QOF Vaccination & Immunisation 21/22 catch-all

The QOF Vaccination & Immunisaton searches will identify children that have not been immunised and patients over the age of 80 that have not been vaccinated for Shingles.

Practices may wish to review the list of patients and apply the appropriate codes or invite the patients in. 

Please note - the Ardens Childhood Immunisation Recall Searches helps practices to identify patients to be recalled, according to the immunisation programme, more information here.

Time sensitive QOF Searches - Depression

To support practices to ensure Depression patients are seen in a timely manor, the following searches will identify those requiring a review.

Search '2.f.' House Keeping: Patients with possible depression review coded incorrectly' identifies patients that you must ensure are coded with the correct depression review to meet the QOF requirements. 

Search '3. House Keeping: Interim review coded this fiscal + new dep diagnosis made after' identifies patients coded with their review before their diagnosis. Please note, that depression review indicator for QOF (DEP003), requires the review code to be applied 10-56 days after the diagnosis. 

Search '4. Exception List: Patients excepted by code or invitations' identifies patients that have an exception code applied or patients that have been sent 2 invite codes and are yet to be seen (Please note - these patients will be automatically excepted at the end of the financial year, if no QOF activity has been recorded for the denominator). 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: