The Ardens Safeguarding suite of searches allows practice staff to fully audit safeguarding activity within the practice. They include a practice register of patients on the safeguarding lists and searches to identify patients with possible safeguarding concerns.

To locate the searches, access Population Reporting > Ardens Searches > 5.4 Ardens Safeguarding Searches folder.

The search suite has been broken down by sub folders to easily navigate to the information required.

Adult I Registers / Child I Registers 

This search folder will display safeguarding practices registers. The registers are based on all currently registered patients where a safeguarding code has been applied to the patient record.

Adult I Alerts / Child I Alerts

These searches will alert practices of patients with potential safeguarding concerns. Practices may wish to further investigate and potentially add the relevant safeguarding concern codes if not present.

Adult I Case Finders / Child I Case Finders

The case finder searches queries patients that practices should consider as a safeguarding need. 

Practices may wish to further investigate and potentially add the relevant safeguarding concern codes if not present.

Violence I Activity

The activity searches will display patients who have been recorded with a verbal or written warning in the last year.

Violence I Case Finders

The violence case finder searches will identify potential violent patients. This is based on patients recorded with an inappropriate behavior or alleged perpetrator or abuse code in the last year.

Violence I Registers 

This search folder will identify patients coded as registered with the violent patient scheme.

To run the searches - right click on the Ardens Safeguarding Searches folder and select the option for Run, this will run all searches contained in the folder (alternatively, right click on an individual search or search folder and select the Run option).

To check details of why the patient is appearing in the search - with the search selected, click on the Population Included tab, right click on the patient and select the option for Check Patient.

Ardens Manager

The Ardens Manager report, located in the main Ardens Safeguarding Searches folder enables practices to monitor safeguarding activity at practice, PCN and CCG level. For further details on how to upload information to, please click here.

Further Safeguarding Resources

Safeguarding Clinical Templates

We have designed Safeguarding Clinical Templates for both adults and children to support clinicians through assessing and identifying safeguarding concerns following the latest Nice Guidance.

To access the templates within a consultation click on the Run Template option on the EMIS ribbon (if you are outside of a consultation, click on the Add > Data Using template options). Within the Template Picker screen, search for the safeguarding templates using the search box provided or folder navigation pane (Ardens > Other Templates > Safeguarding).

Double click on the template to launch.

Child in Need Reports

Child protection letters have been made available for practices to generate reports to support planning meetings and statutory health assessments.

To access the documents, select the Add > Document > Create Letter options on the EMIS ribbon (the document option is also available within a consultation). 

Select the magnify glass icon on the New Patient Letter screen to access the Find Document Template screen. Search for the relevant template using the search box provided, or by selecting the Ardens docs > Child protection letters folder within the folder navigation pane. 

Double click on the required document template to launch.

Depending on the template selected, additional prompts may display before launching the document. The example below shows the recorded consultations for the patient, by default it will record the last 3, however you can override this by selecting the consultations you would like to include.

Once the document is launched, this will pull through all relevant patient information.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: