Our Practice Management training is a 1 hour session aimed at Practice Managers, Assistant Practice Managers, IT Managers, Clinical leads (we also recommend the practice super user to attend). 

Prior to training we recommend all practice staff to watch the 40-minute "Ardens Introduction" webinar - click here to access. We also recommend the management team watches the Ardens Chronic Disease (month-of-birth) Recall System and Ardens Diary Recall System webinars to decide on if this will be introduced into the practice (further recall training is available).

During the Practice Management training the following content will be covered:

  • Feedback and questions from the "Ardens Introduction" webinar.
  • Discussion on how the Ardens resources are deployed and kept up to date.
  • Overview of how practice staff access the Ardens resources from a patient record.
  • Discussion of the Ardens resources available and how they can help to manage the 2020/21 GP Contract and Network DES Requirements.
  • Housekeeping EMIS Web to ensure that resources that are no longer being used are deactivated.
  • Locating the Ardens searches and discussion on how to use the Ardens reporting module to better understand practice performance, improve clinical safety, and ensure claims are being submitted correctly in line with national and local requirements (please click here to view our pre-recorded webinar about our searches and reports).
  • Overview of Ardens Manager, how to upload data and to gain an understanding of how to use the dashboards.

Please note we can be flexible on the content delivered during the session. If there is a particular area you would like to focus on or would prefer an open Q+A session, please let the Training Administrator know at the point of booking training or the Product Specialist upon their arrival at your practice.

For any queries relating to training, please contact training-emis@ardens.org.uk.