In response to the emphasis which is being put on the importance of ethnicity in patient populations and in healthcare, we have created a suite of searches to help practices to identify those patients who do and do not currently have a correct ethnicity code on their record.

To locate the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches >1.31 Administration - Registration > Info - Ethnicity folder.

The main Ethnicity Searches folder consists of 2 parent searches, 4 child searches  and 6 reports, information for Network Des requirements can be found in folder 5.32. The searches are defined as information searches and "?" searches that may need action.

Please note the searches may fail to run if all run in a block, due to the sheer volume of data being searched.  The searches are based on the 2016 ethnicity codes as defined in the technical specifications for BAME definition.

If you attempt to run the whole folder and if the searches fail to run, please first run each 'search' (the ones with the magnifying glass) and then run the reports. To run the report without re-running the parent search, please click the report and chose 'run':

choose 'Advanced options':

And un-tick 'Re-run parent searches':

You should then be able to run all of them.

The figure in the % column of the 'NO 2016 Ethnicity code' search will show you the percentage of patients in the practice with no record of a correct (2016) ethnicity code.

The first parent search is reporting on those patients who do not have a 2016 ethnicity code with reports showing all patients and a separate search and report detailing those who have not declined their ethnicity -

There is an information search and report which shows all the patients latest ethnicity recorded with an acceptable 2016 ethnicity code 

The BAME search reports on patients in the BAME population that had a previous 2016 ethnicity code but recoded with another ethnicity code that is not -

The next search reports on those patients whose 2016 ethnicity code is "not stated" and it may be worth contacting the patient again for a better ethnicity information -

The final information search reports on those patients that have an acceptable 2016 BAME category ethnicity code 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: