The Ardens Appointment and Admin searches will support practices in ensuring patients are registered correctly, help monitor DNAs and cancelled appointment, frequent flyers and online patient access registrations for 11 and 16 year olds.

To navigate to the searches, access the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > Ardens Main Searches > Appointments and Admin.

This folder consists of the following sub folders:

Ardens Appointments Cancelled and DNAs

This folder contains three searches with supporting reports. These will help the practice to manage DNA and cancelled appointments.

The first search will report on all patient appointments in the required time period. When running the search, set the date range using the Run Parameters box (more information on setting parameters can be found here). The associated report will show the appointment status and will help to manage any unfinished (not left) slots.

The second search will report on appointments that have been cancelled in the set time period. Set the required date using the Run Parameters box. The associated 'Appointment Cancelled with details of future appointments' report will show the cancelled appointment details and if the patient has made an appointment in the future (including the slot type and appointment reason). The report below this 'Count of appointments cancelled' displays the number of appointments cancelled in the time period.

The third search will report on appointments that patients are marked as “Did not Attend” in the time period. The associated reports will display the DNA appointment details, if a patient has booked another appointment and count of appointments marked as a DNA.

Ethnicity Reports

Please see further support article on the ethnicity searches - click here.


Frequent Attenders

The folder contains searches and reports to gather information of patients who have had more than 10 appointments in the previous 12 months. The reports will help to identify patients who have been referred to Social Prescribing or signposting.

The first report will show the full patient details, the date they were referred or offered social prescribing and full appointment details including time and session holder.


The second report will show the full patient details and the appointments the patient has attended including time and session holder.

Online Access Age 11 and 16

This folder contains searches and reports to help manage patients who have reached the age of 11 and need to be given proxy permission or withdrawn from having online access. It also includes those patients reaching the age of 16 who do not online access and should be offered an account.

It is recommended that these searches should be run at the beginning of the month, (consider scheduling them) to pick up all the young people with birthdays in that month.

Registration Anomalies

This housekeeping search will help manage patients who have not been registered properly as a “Currently registered patient” for whatever reason e.g. an incomplete registration with PCSE.


It is important that a patient capitation is correct, if the practice is treating patients that are not correctly registered then it is possible that the practice prevalence may not be as high as it should be. If patients are still registered who have left the practice are still counting to capitation it could be construed as fraud.

Please see the following support article for further information - click here.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: